Dean’s Words

The School of Accounting, rooted in the soil of Southern Guangdong, has bloomed and yielded a lot of fruits. The university’smotto of Pursuit of Integrity, Practice and Cross-cultural Learninghas inspired generations of students of the School to endeavor for excellency. Just as the Song of GDUFS goes, the Baiyun mountains nurtures great trees and the waters nourish beautiful orchids, the students at home and abroad thrive hand in hand on this land and the phoenix sings in the south of five ridges.

For more than foure decades, the School of Accounting using the University’s abundant educational resources, integrating accounting and foreign languages teaching, has created atalent training model with deep integration of localization and internationalization. The School with its innovative works has contributed its essential efforts to the University’s going global process. Through the “Foreign Languages + Accounting” model, the School has provided many talents with an international view and set a good example for other colleges and universities. In the future, the School will continue to assure quality and innovation, implement the Belt and Road Initiative, and further international economic cooperation.

The School will carry on the mission of “cultivating business elites with an international horizon”who are also “integrate, devoted, cooperative and creative”, bear in mind the vision of “establishing a high-level international Accounting School” and remain committed to cross-cultural exchanges and innovative international practices.

Based in China, we are internationally oriented. We are thirsty for talents with visions from all over the world in the hope they can thrive for the honor and glory of themselves and the School.


                                                                                                  Yu Pengyi


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